Appliance Test & Tag Services

Electrical appliances in a workplace setting require regular test and tag services to ensure the safety of your workers and customers. This certifies they are operating safely and efficiently in line with Australian standards for work health and safety.

When it comes to dealing with electrical appliances, you should never attempt to fix faults yourself. Always contact a qualified electrician to make sure any issues are fixed correctly. That’s why we’re here to help.

What are test and tag services?

The process of testing and tagging involves assessing the safety of any portable electrical appliance. According to the AS/NZS 3760 Australian Standard, any appliance that has a flexible cable, removable plug, and is not low voltage will need to be tagged and tested.

Test and tag services are completed in two steps:

  1. Visually inspecting the appliance for damage to the cord, plug, socket, and general appliance.
  2. Testing the appliance with a portable appliance tester following code AS/NZS 3760.

Once the service has been completed, the appliance will be identified as safe to continue using after the electrician attaches a tag to the appliance. This tag will have the details of the test and when the next test is required so you know exactly when to arrange it.

When do you need to arrange test and tag services?

This will depend on the industry that the appliance is used in. The following intervals are recommended for testing and tagging in specific industries:

Construction Worker Preparing Electrical System Installation Inside the Newly Remodeled House.

3 months

Construction, building and demolition.

Warehouse or storage with cardboard boxes on a pallet. Logistics and mail delivery concept. 3d illustration.

6 months

Factories, warehouses and production.

Unrecognizable male electrician wrapping cable with electrical tape on the electrical installation of a house

12 months

Appliances in environments of high use or overuse, such as appliances that are located outdoors and susceptible to impacts from the weather.

Wires in server computer hardware. Close-up

5 years

Appliances in environments of low-use or static use, such as in a server room.

These recommendations may vary depending on the environment the appliance is in and how much it is used. Additionally, many workplaces and companies will have their appliances tested at frequencies that correlate to their own risk management and OHS planning.