Phone & Data Networks

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Outages to phone and data networks can put a real spanner in day-to-day activities. Need results fast, but not sure where to look? If you are looking for a team of qualified electricians that can provide you with fast and reliable solutions to data disruptions, we’re here to help.

Commercial and residential services.

Our team of qualified electricians are experienced with data and phone networks. Whether it be repairs or installations, we understand that it is critical that you have minimal disruptions to your phone and data network.

We strive to always ensure that our services are completed with minimal disruption to your home or workplace. We take the time to listen to and understand your requirements so that we can deliver the best solution.

Data network and phone services

We offer a range of phone and data network solutions, including but not limited to:

DATA 24/7 Emergency Electrical Service Newcastle - Powellect

Network and ethernet cabling

Network router hub with connecting cables

Foxtel installation

Wires in server computer hardware. Close-up

Phone cabling

Building Proper Electrical System. Electric Technician Preparing Cables For the Outlet Installation.

Installation of data network points

Technician repairing cmts networking cards

Testing of existing cabling

Picture of technician engineer repairing cmts networking cards

Data network upgrades

Professional network hardware inspection

Data network maintenance

APPLIANCE TESTING Electrician working 24/7 Emergency Electrical Service Newcastle - Powellect

Electrical test and tagging

As qualified electricians, each member of our team works to Australian standards, ensuring that all jobs are completed safely and to the highest standard.

Electrical tests and tagging

Electrical tests and tagging ensure that electricals are free from hazards at home and in the workplace. Testing includes a visual inspection of the chording on the appliance to ensure there is no visible damage.  The appliance is then tested through a range of electrical tests using a Portable Appliance Tester.

Once this process has been completed, a test tag will be fixed to the appliance to confirm that it has passed the relevance tests.