Electrical fault found stops potentially fatal outcome

A bad electrical installation can not only cause more damage and repairs but can be extremely dangerous. Luckily for this household, our team were called upon and found the electrical fault, stopping a potentially fatal outcome.

Rod Cheney and his young family previously had an electrical job done in their home, where insulation was installed inside a skillion roof at the home. Rod soon discovered that something was not right with the installation of the previous job when he grabbed the downpipe near his driveway and received an electrical shock.

Through word of mouth and Powellect’s outstanding reputation, Rod called Troy urgently to find the electrical fault.

Before Troy attended the residential premises, he advised the family to sit tight and not touch anything until he arrived. At the time, Rod had four young daughters all under the age of seven, so they were instructed to remain inside until the electrical fault was found.

A simple electrical mistake while installing insulation could have led to a fatal outcome. 

Rod had commissioned a company to install insulation inside the rear roof of the home. As this section of the home was under a skillion roof, the company needed to lift the iron sheeting by undoing the tek screws holding it down. They installed their insulation and then re-sheeted the roof.

Unknowingly, whoever did the electrical work in this premises, installed the cabling over the top of the battens rather than under the battens (on top of the ceiling) as would be the norm. When the insulation workers re-sheeted the roof, one of the tek screws went through one of these cables which livened up the roof.

The whole roof was corrugated iron, and this simple mistake caused a potentially fatal situation. This caused the whole roof to be at 240 volts, including the downpipes.

Adding to the danger was that the circuit breakers did not trip because all of the downpipes finished about six inches above the ground, so there was no path to earth. All it needed was for someone to touch the downpipe, and they could have all received a fatal shock.

Luckily for Rod and his family, the electrical fault was found sooner rather than later. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, Troy identified the problem and provided the family with a solution.

Troy cautiously removed the screw and repositioned the cable to rectify the problem.

The greatest benefit to come from finding the electrical fault in Rod’s Adamstown residence was removing a very dangerous situation for the family.

An electrical fault-finding service that prevented a terrible outcome. 

For Rod, Powellect is now always his first point of call if he has an electrical issue or for any of his electrical needs.

“We had heard of Troy’s excellent reputation, which is why we went straight to him for the job. He is extremely professional and is a great communicator. He keeps you more than informed at every stage of the job.”

“His electrical fault-finding ability is incredible. The way he approached the job, he was determined to get it rectified. It was like finding a needle in a haystack. But he very quickly isolated the fault and found the issue. Without a doubt, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Troy and the Powellect team,” Rod says.

At Powellect, we are proud to provide exceptional service to our customers time after time.

We remind everyone to be aware that dangerous situations can occur from the most innocuous of circumstances.

Remember, to always call a qualified electrician when there is even the slightest hint of an electric shock.