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At Powellect, our focus is delivering the best quality and professional electrical services every time. Our friendly team of licensed electricians are always there to help you with all your domestic, commercial, industrial electrical needs.

DOMESTIC 24/7 Emergency Electrical Service Newcastle - Powellect


Whether you are building a new house or renovating your current home, we complete all domestic electrical work. From general purpose outlets, lighting, direct circuits for air conditioning, panel heaters, electric cooktops, pool lighting, and everything else in between, we have you covered.

You can be assured of quality workmanship irrespective of the task and more importantly we are reliable and knowledgeable. As Master Electricians we are also highly trained in handling any electrical situation and ensuring all works comply with Australian Standards. We also offer licenced electricians to install data and comms.

COMMERCIAL 24/7 Emergency Electrical Service Newcastle - Powellect


Whether you need a complete electrical fit out for a new property or if you are just making a few small changes to your existing property, we are is the perfect commercial electrician for your next project. We have extensive experience in delivering large and smaller commercial electrical jobs on time and within budget.

Powellect is sensitive about the disruptive effects of electrical work done while you are open for business, which is why our professionals will work with you before or after office hours if needed. We can offer experience in LED lighting upgrades.

INDUSTRIAL 24/7 Emergency Electrical Service Newcastle - Powellect


Powellect has carried out many large scale industrial electrical projects including new installations and renovations of large retail outlets, factory complexes, warehouses, factories and heavy industry machinery.

We are committed to providing value Industrial electrical solutions to enable cost savings and enhanced functionality. We can provide an on-time and professional electrical service that saves you money and time. Our team of electricians can carry out large installations in a quick turnaround. Powellect offer extensive experience on PLCs, motor speed controllers and
other heavy industrial equipment.

DATA 24/7 Emergency Electrical Service Newcastle - Powellect


We have a team of electricians who works with data and phone networks, repairing and installing on both residential and commercial phone lines and data networks. We provide Structured Cabling Electrical Services to valued commercial and residential clients and more, including network/ethernet cabling, Foxtel and phone cabling.

Powellect strive to ensure uninterrupted internet and data communications to your home or workplace at all times. Our electricians are experienced and also certified in the trade and understand everything about data and phone systems.

STRATA & COMMERCIAL Facade of a residential building 24/7 Emergency Electrical Service Newcastle - Powellect

Strata & Commercial

We understand the often-urgent nature of emergency electrical strata work, whilst safety is our priority, this means turning up on time, every time. Modern day Strata requires an electrical contractor that can communicate clearly at all levels, with both the clients and the strata managers, and always provide the most professional advice, that serves in the best interest of the building and its residents.

Powellect has an outstanding reputation for providing the best electrical services & solutions, for what can often be tricky electrical issues. With our vast range of experience, finding the answers and planning the workflow correctly and efficiently, is what we do best.

APPLIANCE TESTING Electrician working 24/7 Emergency Electrical Service Newcastle - Powellect

Appliance Testing

Powellect take great pride in being one of the few licences electricians to have completed accredited Test and Tag training. This will ensure your tagging is up to date and in line with modern standards ensuring you are only paying for what needs to be tested and tagged rather than blanket testing of a premises. Being licenced electricians, we are able to fix faults on the spot.