The benefits of proactive electrical maintenance

How long has it been since your home or business had an electrical maintenance service? Taking care of your electrical infrastructure is crucial. An electrical system is like owning a car – regular servicing is needed to ensure everything runs smoothly. Proactive electrical maintenance has many benefits and means fewer chances of getting shocked by a surprising electrical issue.

Routine electrical maintenance checks can help identify any issues or hazards. Always call in a professional electrician to inspect all electrical circuits and make necessary recommendations.

How often should you get an electrical maintenance inspection?

We recommend getting an annual electrical maintenance inspection by a professional electrician. Whether it be for your commercial or residential space, we recommend getting a professional to check your electrical wiring, as it is unsafe to leave electrical problems unchecked.

Other reasons for an inspection include:

·        If you have an older home or business – this is because wiring can deteriorate over time, which is common in older properties. We occasionally come across old domestic residences that still have old cloth wiring. Although this wiring was legal when it was installed, it is now considered to be dangerous and should be replaced. If you notice old metal conduits about 12mm in diameter in your residence, call an electrician immediately

·        Your house or business has experienced extreme weather conditions – storms can badly damage your electrical systems which can lead to problems over time. Water and electricity do not mix.

·        Before purchasing a new property. The problem with electricity is that we don’t see it and the places where the actual electrical connections occur are shielded so we cannot see damage that is being done until it is too late.


·         Some larger stratas or industrial clients have been issued electrical schematics at the time of handover from the builder. These papers are vital when items break down and can save hours on fault finding. This is often not realised by the new tenants until it is too late. Good advice can see these papers kept securely

Benefits of regular electrical maintenance. 

When it comes to electrical installations and appliances (whether in the home or your business), the best way to take a proactive approach is with scheduled electrical maintenance.

With regularly scheduled maintenance, your business or household can be proactive, prevent issues that impact downtime and add increased costs, and ensure the safety of your employees or family is maintained at all times.

Down time is costly. Lost revenue from lost clients as well as paying employees for idle time while the break down is being located and then repaired all mounts up to an unnecessary bill.

Safety check

Ensuring the safety of those residing in the property should be the number one priority for regular electrical maintenance inspections.

Regular inspections of the property by a trusted electrician include inspections for possible electrical shocks, power overloading, potential fire hazards, fire alarm servicing and checks for faulty wiring.

By choosing to ignore or put off regular electrical maintenance checks, you are putting the safety of the tenants or staff at risk. Electrical standards are constantly evolving. These changes are due to industry wide experience and advances in technology. For example, in the
latest edition of the AS3000 Electrical Standards, it is now compulsory for safety switches on all circuits in all new domestic installations. Safety switches save lives.


Reduced energy bill

Appliances that work properly use less electricity, which cuts down your bills. Whereas older electrical systems and faulty wiring may consume more power. The most common area is lighting. LED lighting has revolutionised the industry and upgrading to modern LED lighting can make significant savings to your electrical costs.

At your electrical maintenance inspection, your licensed electrician may be able to offer you energy-saving practices and devices.

Protection of appliances

When you purchase new appliances for your home or office, you want to guarantee they will work for a long time. By not having proactive electrical maintenance inspections, you are signing up your appliances into an early retirement.

Your appliance unit will come with a user guide specifying the recommended maintenance time. Contact your electrician to book a time to visit.

Has it been a little too long since your last electrical inspection? Take a proactive approach and call our team of experienced electricians today to discuss conducting regular inspections and maintenance of your electrical systems.